Drone Operator

Leverage our advanced fleet of aerial drones and analytical technology to increase efficiency and drive your business forward.

Providing a different point of view, AeroSci is a drone and data company providing cutting-edge aerial photogrammetry, 3D modeling, thermal imaging, and inspection services.


Founded on the principle that drones do so much more than fly around, taking pictures and videos, our services focus on the big picture. We help our clients mitigate risk and save money with precise, cost-efficient, and fast drone imaging, inspection, modeling, and analysis. Processed correctly, our drone-captured data proves to be an extremely powerful tool for our clients.

The AeroSci Advantage

Geospatial Data and Mapping
Geospatial Data Accuracy


Our precise analysis means you make better decisions with accurate & actionable information.

Time Saving
Faster Results


Weather permitting, we can survey your project & have complete reporting to you within days.

Risk Mitigation and Safety
Risk Mitigation


Not having humans climbing towers or inspecting dangerous job sites, reduces your company’s exposure and keeps your team safer.



Our drone technology & reporting offer significant savings over traditional inspection methods.

Better Data and Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis


Quickly and consistently identify and understand potential problems at an earlier stage.

Our State-of-the-Art Fleet & Training

AeroSci deploys state-of-the-art commercial drones, including DJI’s Matrice 210 V2 RTK quadcopter with 32 core CPU, powered by the latest in machine learning software. These drones utilize the most advanced imaging sensors on the market. Additionally, our fleet is piloted by highly experienced FAA-Certified pilots who put safety and creative problem solving first. This allows insurance, commercial real estate, or construction companies to take advantage of advancing technologies without having to incur costly in-house operations.

Comprehensive Reports


We implement the best of technology in every aspect of our business, from imaging to data analysis and reporting. 

2D and 3D orthomosaic maps that accurately measure surface, distance, and volume including inventory “stockpile” management as well as cut and fill analysis


Integration with BIM software or AutoCAD software, allowing us to place your 3D building model directly into the Point Cloud


Digital Surface Model / Contour Lines


Fly-through animation of your property or project site


Infrared stills and video with radiometric jpeg data

Why AeroSci?


Meet the Founder & CEO – Patrick Dauchot

Save money & mitigate risk with better data.