We work with companies wanting to use the power of technology to give their business a competitive advantage before breaking ground, throughout the construction process, as part of preventative maintenance, and for insurance underwriting and claims needs – even after a natural disaster.

All aerial surveys are conducted by our fully licensed and insured FAA-certified remote pilots, utilizing DJI Matrice 210 V2 RTK quadcopter, a 32 core CPU and propeller ground control units.

Commercial Real Estate - City Skyline

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial Thermal Inspections 

AeroSci will map and inspect your roofing and rooftop HVAC systems and provide detailed radiometric thermal data to identify any weaknesses in the roofing system and/or rooftop HVAC systems.


Aerial Photos & Video

Allow AeroSci to storyboard, photograph/film, professionally edit and deliver high-definition photos and videos for marketing purposes.



AeroSci will map and inspect the property, including roofing and HVAC systems, and provide detailed and conclusive radiometric thermal data that identifies any pre-existing faults prior to underwriting – mitigating future risk and liability.



Allow AeroSci to map and inspect the property after a natural disaster or other claim to identify and document the extent of damage and potential claim liability.

Construction Site Inspection & Land Management

Construction & Land Management

3D Modeling & Mapping

AeroSci is changing the game in the construction world with a new breed of Photogrammetry. Our 3D Point Cloud Mapping & Modeling will survey your job site, giving your company centimeter-level accuracy that allows for measurements of distance, area, and volume. Our 2D Orthomosaic Maps and/or 3D Point Cloud Models ensure all members of the team are working with up-to-date and accurate data.

Solar & Wind

Aerial Thermal Inspections

AeroSci will map and inspect your solar or wind farm, providing detailed radiometric thermal data to identify possible issues.

Energy Industries | Solar Field & Wind Inspection

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