From high-definition photo mosaics to cutting-edge aerial imaging, drone inspection, and 3D modeling, AeroSci has the services you need to drive your business forward. We are about giving our clients the data & analytics needed for better decisions, safer operations, and sustainable growth.

The AeroSci Advantage

Accurate and Consistent Measurements


When it comes to big buildings and big budgets, precise data is essential. Our cutting edge drones use computer vision and machine learning algorithms to generate automated, centimeter-level-accurate measurements. Additionally, ground control units placed and spaced at careful locations throughout your project site gather accurate GPS data that is recorded within each pixel. This eliminates the potential for error and makes it possible to measure important details and critical roof, building and job site features including square footage, pitch, surface area and slope consistently.

High-Resolution 3D Modeling & Mapping


Unlike conventional methods, our drones take minutes to gather vast amounts of precise data which we utilize to create orthomosaic maps and 3D models. Our 2D and 3D orthomosaic maps are used by our clients to measure surface, distance, and volume including inventory “stockpile” management & cut and fill analysis. Additionally, integration with BIM software or AutoCAD software allows us to place your 3D building model directly into the Point Cloud, making for easy and meaningful communication to all team members and stakeholders.

Comprehensive Data & Reports


With AeroSci’s commercial drones & comprehensive reporting, we remove the worry about inaccurate or missed data. The data & images that you will receive are up-to-date, so you’re not dealing with imagery that is weeks or months outdated. Based on your specific project, our computer engineers will process, analyze, and provide you with best-in-class reporting including orthomosaic maps, digital surface models (DSM), contour lines, a densified point cloud, 3D textured mesh, fly-through animation of your property or project site, infrared stills and video with radiometric jpeg data, and quality reports.

Bottom Line:

Get better data while increasing team safety and speed of results. All for less than traditional methods.

AeroSci Services

Aerial Land Mapping and Construction



With our fleet of drones, we can safely inspect dangerous or inaccessible areas. This means you locate issues including cracks, leaks, and other damage with high-resolution orthomosaic mapping and thermal imaging, eliminating the need to reach dangerous heights. 


At AeroSci, each mission is custom created based on your specific project, site, & data needs.

Thermal Imaging



Inspecting roofs is a dangerous and time-consuming job. Every roof inspector, claims adjuster, and solar installer has long dreamed of being able to do their job from the safety of the ground. Additionally, maintaining the accuracy and consistency of rooftop measurements can be a challenge. Manual measurements are inefficient, resulting in errors or missed information. This means yet another inspection, further delaying the process. 


AeroSci’s thermal roof inspection services are safer for your team and less costly for your stakeholders.

Solar Field Inspection



A single malfunctioning cell can compromise your entire system and cause a significant financial impact. Routine inspection as part of your ongoing preventive maintenance plan will create the best possible performance and an improved ROI. 


AeroSci’s solar field inspections, no matter how rural or remote, will provide you with quick & comprehensive results.

Power Line Inspection



Equipping our RTK drone with thermal imaging, we can prevent this drone from being affected by the magnetic field created by power lines – making for easy & fast inspections. The geotagged thermal radiometric jpeg images this drone provides are a powerful tool following an anomalous event or as routine preventive maintenance.


Make real-time decisions with better, faster data from AeroSci’s power line inspection service.

Cell Tower Inspection



Man-hours add up quickly when sending a team into the field to regularly inspect cell-phone towers. And ground-based inspections are often inaccurate. Our high-resolution visual and radiometric thermal inspections reduce personnel costs by automating inspections and allowing towers to remain operational. 


Let AeroSci analyze the orientation and condition of all components of your company’s cell towers from a safe distance, getting you more accurate data to make better decisions.

Photography and Videography



Looking to market a commercial real estate site, seeking to create  striking social media content, or just finding a different point of view for your event? Our aerial photographer & videographer services will help your company tell its story in a unique way.


Allow AeroSci to storyboard, photograph/film, professionally edit, and deliver a final product that you can be proud of.

Get better data while increasing team safety and speed of results.